Drew Gough shouts at Jurassic Park 3D

As early '90s science fiction films go, there are few more terrifying than Jurassic Park. How else would we have learned not to trust science, dinosaurs, lawyers, Jeff Goldblum, any Attenborough, jeeps, fathers, embryos, Samuel L. Jackson, large plants, shaving cream, and history?

The 12 Complaints of Christmas

As a countdown to a now-non-denominational holiday named after a very-much denominational, immaculately conceived child of Our One Lord and Savior, the Wastrel embraces the Christmas spirit of complaining about the goods and services that you receive in exchange for money.

The fall of the liberal gods Nov04

The fall of the liberal gods

They were unstoppable. She was declared the most powerful woman in the world, and He the most powerful man. Powerful enough that He could promise hope, change, and health insurance for every American; that She could promise happiness, fulfillment, and a car for every audience member. He urged America to rise together; She urged Americans to live their best life.

Ontario’s proroguing travesty Oct22

Ontario’s proroguing travesty

In a political climate of ever-more-frequent prorogations, citizens are less capable of holding their governments accountable. The Green Party's Kevin O'Donnell wants to see a change in Ontario, starting with vote reform.

Plagiarize This! Aug21

Plagiarize This!

Does getting tough on crime mean getting tough on people who steal from themselves? Shannon Gormley explains why self-plagiarism isn't a real thing.

Dispatches from the Mongol Rally Jul15

Dispatches from the Mongol Rally

Six weeks, 10,000 miles, dozens of countries, and one little vehicle: this is the Mongol Rally. Teams from around the world pile into improbable cars and attempt the only-barely-probable – the long drive from London to Ulanbataar. Our correspondent is updating from the road.

Match Report for Game at Centre of UEFA Debt Crisis Jun22

Match Report for Game at Centre of UEFA Debt Crisi...

The 22 June match between Greece and Germany at Euro 2012 gave pundits who like to explain the complex global economic system by way of over-wrought sporting analogies another chance to explain the complex global economic system by way of an over-wrought sporting analogy.

In praise of the tiny flag lapel pin

We can’t count on much these days. But we can rely on one thing: whenever there is a speech to be made, a vote to be won, a crowd to be wooed, a country to be saved, there is a man wearing a tiny flag lapel pin ready to get the job done – and he’s from the country represented by that flag.

Four Questions for Ryan Pyle

Ryan Pyle is a Guinness World Record holder. He’s also a documentary photographer whose work has been published in Newsweek, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times; a presenter; an author; an entrepreneur; and the owner of a production company that makes “insane adventure films.” He answered Four Questions.

In camera: Les manifestations May24

In camera: Les manifestations

On 22 May, demonstrators marched through the streets of Montreal in protest (and in violation) of Bill 78. Matt Staroste was there with his camera.

Ottawa loses a community newspaper. Sort of. May23

Ottawa loses a commu...

There's never been a worse time for alternative weekly newspapers, and the death of (the print version of) Ottawa's Xpress signals the latest casualty. Marcus McCann, former editor of another alternative weekly that starts with the letter X, explains how Xpress was doomed.

Passion over paycheques May18

Passion over paycheques

For some, a job is more than a livelihood, writes Frank Appleyard. It's a passion, a calling, and not something to do to pay rent or buy delicious sausages. He recently lost his dream job. "A business decision and not a personal decision, then, though I wonder what could be more personal than the loss of what we love."


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